Bugs: The Other (Somewhat) White Meat

I’ve lived in China for 7+ months now. I’ve eaten a number of things I hadn’t before. Some of them were surprisingly good. Some were best described as ‘edible’. I ate a chicken’s foot, and his neck and head, and a number of different fungi. I’ve tried youcha, which is a tea and soup combination which is as horrible as it sounds:  it has the color of pond water and the taste of motor oil with a hint of ginger.

But I’ve never eaten a bug. At least on purpose. I assume that at night and during bicycle rides, any number of them might have been swallowed. But, why not? I can’t believed I just typed that.

Other than cultural constructs, what keeps me from eating bugs? I mean, at the end of the day, is a bug that much more gross than a snail, or a oyster? The best thing about bugs, is that they are FREE! I can’t believed I just typed that, too, but I find myself wondering:  are they that disgusting? It would be like having a lifetime of free snacks for the rest of your life.

My turtles love bugs. Granted, they are reptiles, and their brains are about the size of the stone on a rich person’s engagement ring. But man they get hyped for worms and cockroaches. I give them their pellets, they’re pretty stoked (again, very small brains) but recently I found a number of grubs/maggots crawling in my plant, because I throw the compost on it, because I live in an apartment and I love nature. I gave them those grubs and they went berserk!

Do other people ask these questions? Am I that weird?



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