Random Links

Starting off with blowhard celebrities and foodies – two things I hate – I do have to admit I agree with Mr. Ramsey on this one. Next time I fly I should try to heed his advice but after 8 hours on a plane I will eat almost anything that is put in front of me. Although, now the thought pops into my mind of having to sit next to Mr. Ramsey on a plane. Although not nightmare material, it does make me nervous. Thankfully I cannot afford first class tickets.

I should probably find a more street credible source than the Yahoo-Sports Illustrated conglomeration but if a site has pics to shoes – well, I can live with that. New NBA shoes.  Staying on the shoe note, can Under Armour successfully move into retail stores and almost simultaneously release $300 kicks? Even if they look really cool?

The next time I have to explain a mistake, I will look to this man for advice -or- Why does that sculpture not look like Ronaldo?

Story Fodder – I should use that tag to indicate when a news item is the sort of thing that could inspire an episode of Elementary or Longworth (I miss that show). A man’s body is found in a python in Indonesia. Move that to Florida and you have the makings of a mystery.

While I am on the topic of news that could/should inspire mysteries, here is the story of a detective who works a different beat. His job is to detect counterfeit wine. From the BBC.

During the First War to End All Wars TM, a French artist took the time to sit with the different soldiers who were at the time in France and paint their portrait. The results are quite interesting and beautiful. Their are a myriad of different skin tones, facial features, and uniforms. Nothing brings people together like the desire to kill other people.

Employees should be given what it takes to improve performance. Bonuses. Extra vacation. And trophies. What is the takeaway from this for, say, U.P.S. or H.E.B.? Can non-cool, just regular companies get employees to act more intelligently with rewards?

Bye, bye KISS football. Or, kiss football goodbye. Or, KISS football, goodbye.

Scalable graphene sieve. Wow! Cool! But only reading the headline doesn’t give the full import of the story.  “Much more work remains to be done to produce graphene-oxide [GO] membranes inexpensively at an industrial scale, ensure the stability and durability of the GO laminate under prolonged operation with seawater,” explained one of the researchers involved. Graphene has always been considered a miracle material, so the fact that it has these properties is not surprising. The question is, where do we get more graphene?


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