Boxer Motorcycle with Sidecar / 水平对卧引擎偏三轮摩托车

Maybe today is the first day in almost a year where I make two posts in one day! Yay for me! I saw this motorcycle parked outside of a local café, Lous. No apostrophe, as far as I remember. In any case, it is less a café in the ‘drinking coffee and hanging out’ sense, and more a bakery. They have signs indicating that there is coffee, but as far as I can tell, no coffee is to be found.

The owner was wearing his gear, and looked like he had stopped to rest. He is actually a local, I hope he visits this page. I asked for permission to take pictures, in the photos he is in the back, in the café, barely visible. The woman on the right with the umbrella actually kind of steals the show :).

I would love to buy a bike like this here and make a café racer – even if I don’t have actual cafes to which I can race. (The previous sentence is clumsy, but, I couldn’t end on a preposition 🙂 ). The owner was also nice enough to send me some more pics, which I hope to post shortly!



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