catfish-in-chinaI am in China, and have been busy trying to communicate in Chinese! I have not updated my blog for a solid two plus months. This trip has been amazing, I hope to be able to stay longer here! I wanted to post something because it is my goal to post at least once a month, and so I came up with this post.

Some of the things I have seen have been wonderful – the scenery, the creativity of the people and culture with respect to problem solving, interesting vehicles, the fruit, etc. I thought the fruit in Paraguay was amazing – and it was, but here, it’s a whole new ball game. One of the only negative things has been seeing the other things people eat. Culturally, i understand eating chicken, cow, and pig. Other animals don’t bother me – i.e. horse, goose or duck. But when I see frogs, turtles, cats and dogs waiting to be eaten, it strikes a dissonant chord in my being.

That’s why I like this article. And I have seen a number – a huge number – of restaurants here serve carp. They have them alive in tanks, and the patrons can choose what fish they wish. Is this solution going to solve the invasive species problem? No, and it definitely will not fix the world. But it is interesting, and as a native Minnesotan, I see both the economic and the environmental upside.


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