Random Links for the Month

I bounced across this while surfing on my cell phone. The original article was from Fox News but here is an article from a website that is specifically tuned to auto enthusiasts’ interests. (Pun intended).

Continuing with my interests in automotive engineering and design: The first car with solar panels that looks like it might be able to stand up to my commute. It’s called the Venturi.

I’m trying to learn Chinese. I’m advancing relatively well. I would like to add another language to my repertoire. Maybe it should be French. (Get it, repertoire, French; I’ll give you time to chuckle.) This article was inspiring, although I think it undersells the difficulty of language learning. As well it should, if everyone understood how difficult language learning really is, fewer would try, and the world would be poorer for it.

What’s your hobby? “Painting peanuts as tiny caricatures of famous people.” And he’s really good at it.

“This compilation is offered as a source of data, references, aircraft applications, and notes for horizontally-opposed aircraft engines.” If that sounds like something that interests you, Enginehistory.org has a lot of data.

Keeping on with the engine theme, here is the history of the first Ford V8, via jalopyjournal.com. I’ve had this tab open for quite sometime, meaning to post it here for posterity – I want to be able to find these things. Sometimes my bookmarks don’t cut it, and I lose my own links.

Do you love classic styling? Do you hate things like plastic trim and reliable motors? In that case, the UAZ Bukhanka is for you! You can still buy one new!



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