What I’ve Been Working On (and You Can Too)

I wanted to make something for my sister for her fourth wedding anniversary. So I modified some instructions I found online and ended up with this welcome mat.

I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. Should anyone be interested, instructions to follow. The original instructions can be found here.  The explanation of how the letters are painted on is easy enough to understand, however, one has to subscribe to be able to see the page without a huge black band blocking the majority of the screen. The most important piece of data that I found was that porch paint is more durable than other latex paint. Is this true? I don’t know yet, and won’t however, given that my sister has three children, they will put this paint to the test.

What I didn’t like about the original doormat, aside from the website, was the typography. I wanted something a little more … I don’t know how to finish that sentence. I didn’t like the appearance or colors of the original item. I wanted to make my letters less rectilinear. To do that  I had to modify the technique of the original post. Instead of using poster board to make the stencils, I used masking tape directly on the mat. I cut it into thin strips – like pinstripes – and used it to outline the letters.




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