I saw this car at the Roseville library in MN. I talked to the owner, he humored me and answered my questions. His name was JC? JB? I can’t remember. But this is the fourth car he has converted into a pickup truck.

Maybe the SHO purists will cringe, but it’s not like the SHO was a super rare car. Further, this one had some rust damage, and cutting the trunk off will help the owner reach the wheel wells. The owner put glass packs on it, and he says he has to use earplugs while he drives, which sounds unpleasant. His reason for making this vehicle, as well as the others he made like this, was because he wanted to be able to lift equipment in and out more easily.

I wonder what will happen with the back door area, as the roof provided integral support for the unibody structure there. In the trunk area, where it would be nice to have a tailgate, the piece between the brake lights prevents easy loading and unloading. Further, the metal where he made the bed is not dressed, which seems like a lawsuit in waiting in the litigious world we live in.

I might try my hand at drawing a Taurus based pickup. It would have been a cool addition to Ford’s lineup. Just as the Cherokee showed that unibody SUVs could be functional, the Ridgeline has proven that unibody trucks are not an impossibility.



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