Random Links from the Week

Do you have a headache? Do you want one? Fractal puzzles should do the trick.

The retro-futurists were right! This very geddesque?  bel-gedesque? (in the style of Norman Belle Geddes) road-spanning bus has taken to the roads in China. Will it become the new norm or will it be something children looking at Popular Science magazines in the future look at and go ‘Wow’! Time will tell.

I was curious and wanted to know what game was really popular a long time ago but now is non-existent. When I say ‘a long time ago,’ I am not talking about what games were popular on Colecovision TM in 1983. What I  want to say is games that were played centuries or even millenia ago. So I fired up ‘the Google’ and plugged in “the most played game no one plays anymore.” I want to learn more about ‘Grand Trick Track’ but the only reliable reference is here. Head’s up: It’s COMPLICATED. And people say role-playing is a new invention. Anyone want to play me?

I don’t like to cook. But I really can’t stand cooking TV shows and the monsters they create: people who think they’re brilliant chefs when at their best they are only copying what they see and insisting that whatever they make tastes good. That’s why this is cool.
I found it while I was looking at the link above, both are via Mental Floss.
As a side note, when I think of the word ‘cook’, I think of my old roommate Johnathan McCastle. Not everything he made turned out great (barbecue sauce on spaghetti?) but he could take what was in the kitchen and make an edible meal out of it. That was cool.


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