Simple English Sunday

Look at this article: Volkswagen Transporter. There are different photos. We will talk about the photos.

What is the most famous Volkwagen? Many people know the answer. It is probably the Volkswagen Type 1. In English, these cars are called Volkswagen Beetles and Volkswagen Bugs. They changed the world. But this article is not about the Volkswagen Beetle.

It is about a different Volkswagen Рthey also produced a van. A van is a vehicle that is like a big car, which can be used to carry people, products, and tools. It is also like a truck, but with the back part covered so that the things inside are protected. It looks like a box with wheels.

The original Volkswagen Beetle was designed so that normal German people who were not rich could have a car. After the Second World War, the Volkswagen factory opened again and began to sell cars. The Beetle was a surprisingly good car. In 1946 a man from the Netherlands named Ben Pon went to the Volkswagen factory to buy cars to sell in his country.

When he toured the factory he saw a special truck the factory workers used. It was like a cart with four wheels and a motor. It had a lot of space to carry different things in the factory. This special truck was not for sale. It was only used to do work.

Mr. Pon saw the special truck and thought: the people who buy cars also need to move things. He made a drawing of his idea. It used parts from the Volkswagen Beetle but had more space to move things. It became known as the Volkswagen Type 2.

The Volkswagen Type 2 had other names. It was also called the ‘Transporter’ and ‘Combi’. In the United States during the ten years from 1960 to 1970 many young people used the Volkswagen Type 2. It was also made in different countries, like Brazil. This is amazing for a cart with four wheels that a man drew on a napkin!


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