Random Links from this Week:

I use the term ‘this week’ rather loosely. I didn’t have a particularly good week mining the internet for gems so I dug into my bookmarks.

Hemmings had an article a while back on rhombus-shaped cars. They have a number of disadvantages – they use different parts and platforms and they aren’t what customers are used to buying. As for advantages, perhaps they are more aerodynamic but that’s pushing it. Here is a rhombus-shaped car that Hemmings missed.

While browsing Pinterest, I saw a pin showing a home-built Ferrari-Enzo-style car. Powered by jet engines. From Canada (of course). I’m sure this guy has a lot to blog, write, and talk about. According to the article, he didn’t know how to weld when he started his build and had to sell his Corvette to purchase the turbines. Some people build model airplanes, some people build homemade cars. With jet engines. In their garage. To each his own.

Stan Lee’s characters, remixed.. ‘Nuff said. 

This is an interesting idea. People have been living underground for millennia but the idea of living under canals is new. It is a little funny that in the discussion of the problems facing the project, much is made of the environmental impact (as it should be) but no mention is made of the threat of catastrophic failure while living under millions of meters squared of water.



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