So these Kenton trikes are everywhere down here. Here is a modified one with homemade doors. It’s used to sell Ña Betty’s homemade food. They come with the rudimentary cabin but the doors are obviously homemade. It probably helps a little with road noise and even more with water – it rains alot here. Personally, I like the graffiti style advertisement on the side but maybe that’s not for everyone.Trike with homemade doors

I’d say more, but it’s late and I have to study Chinese. I’ll update this post later as there are more trikes like this in my photo collection. The owners of this trike took another route to solve the same problem:  they used doors from another vehicle. Probably a Volksagen Gol. That’s my guess for everything. The contours don’t line up – obviously – but the doors fit surprisingly well! I wonder if this throws off the balance of the trike or makes it nose-heavy.

To a casual observer (like me) these doors almost look stock! The trim line almost matches the bottom of the box and someone did a pretty good job fabricating a piece of plastic to cover the gap where the door doesn’t line up with the top of the cabin. The person who did this even took the time to make it so the mirrors actually show what is behind the vehicle. Here’s a shot of how they adjusted the mirrors and also a detail showing how the door doesn’t quite close the way it would on a car.


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