There, I Fixed It, III

Alternative title: The World’s Scariest Taxi. I know this car is currently not functioning as a taxi, however, with the yellow livery I wouldn’t be surprised if it had worked as a hack in the past. The damage done shows a hard life with little repair. If anything, it stands as a testament to the durability of the Peugeot 505. I provide a photograph:

This sort of ‘repair’ confuses me, as it does not appear to significantly reinforce the structural damage, and only draws more attention to the scar. I don’t think those rivets and wire can hold that much tension. However, this car keeps going – I’ve seen it in different places.

With respect to the Peugeot vehicles, I have seen many 504’s and 505’s here. They keep going and going and going. What happened to Peugeot – how did they make such a durable product here, under harsh conditions, and simultaneously manage to develop a reputation as unreliable cars in the United States.

Of course, one can always go the other route – leave the damage as it is. I don’t think this truck drives anymore, but I could be wrong. If I see that it has moved, I will change this to show that this truck, too, is a moving, functioning vehicle.

The rear view just shows a old pickup without tailights. In the front view one can see that the fender has been ripped like a piece of paper. I don’t know if it’s from metal fatigue or one catastrophic blow, but I would love to find out from the driver. Or owner, because I don’t think it drives.

These Ford/Willys are not super common down here, but I see them on a regular basis. For more information look here.



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