English Wheel Update

My English wheel project slowly is moving forward. Frustrated by my lack of an adequate workstation, I cobbled together a very basic workbench from the remains of one bed, two windows, and a crib. The only thing I paid for were the lag screws to put it together, and the threaded rod and accessories I used for a homemade clamp. Frankenbench, as I shall title it, has already proved very useful. Here is the homemade clamp that allowed me to make a little progress on the English wheel.

Homemade clamp

This rudimentary clamp  – no more than two pieces of threaded rod, washers, nuts, and an end piece – allows me to hold each individual section of metal in place so I can use the angle grinder to remove material. I’m not looking for perfection – this isn’t Jethro’s Charhouse – but I would like the pieces to align reasonably well so that when I take them to be welded, the work goes quickly and cheaply. Here is a picture of how everything lines up, along with a close-up of the joints:

The black thing on the right of the picture above is a cat’s tail. One flaw stands out – the lower and upper bars are not parallel. I guess, at this point, I don’t care.  I want to finish this project and see if it works, and how it works! I will try to take it to the welding shop tomorrow. The next problem to solve is the lower anvil. I have an idea of how to do that, and if it works, it will be revolutionary (no pun intended).  Even so, this project has come a long way from just existing as the remnants of a chassis waiting to be recycled.




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