And Then It Was Gone

I encountered the majority of the cars I have posted on this blog while walking on the street. At least two were found while I was the passenger in a car. This is the first car I heard before I saw. I managed to run and take two (identical) shots of it. And then the light turned green. And then it was gone.

engine swap vw2

It’s not the rust-brown Isuzu (random guess) in the foreground. That hasn’t gone anywhere quickly for a long time. I see it pretty regularly and it looks it’s held together bailing wire and – well just bailing wire. In the background you can make out a VW Beetle without its trunklid/engine cover.

engine swap vw

Surprisingly good looking Beetle! I like the black wheels and lack of rust. Before the light turned green, I asked the driver for pics and he didn’t mind. He said the engine is from a Santana, it’s a I4. I’m guessing it didn’t have a muffler, the distance in the first photo is only part of how far away it was when we heard it originally! I should have leaned in for a close-up instead of taking the same photo twice. Here is the photo zoomed in a bit:

engine swap vw3

Nice little installation. This is a pretty common swap down here. I have seen a number of Beetles with their trunk lids missing or modified so as to make room for the longer motor. It also makes sense because I’m betting the motors long outlast the bodies they come in, so it makes sense to keep using it. My only question has to do with cooling: Isn’t their a better way to accommodate the radiator? It seems counter productive to have a device designed to dissipate heat sitting on top of a hot engine, with a fan pushing the hot air through it? Maybe the fan is wired reverse-polarity and pulls? Wish I would’ve asked more questions. But it’s gone now. When the light turned green, the driver floored it, roaching the tires surprisingly forcefully for an I4 with all its weight over the rear axle, and disappeared.


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