Simple English Sunday

I wrote this article one day late. My internet was not working.

Watch this video: Jellyfish!

Jellyfish are animals that live in the ocean. They are very different from other animals that live in the ocean. They do not have bones. Their body is like a house with three floors, or levels. We can say the jellyfish body has three levels, or layers. The first layer on the outside is the skin. The second layer is like a frame which lets the jellyfish control its body. The third layer is what it uses for the digestion of food. The second layer is very interesting. It is mostly water. But it is different than water. If a person turns a glass of water upside down the water goes everywhere! But the jellyfish body does not go everywhere, it keeps its shape.

Jellyfish do not have brains. They do have special body parts – collections of nerves – that let them control their movements. The way they move is very special! They are the most efficient swimmers in the ocean. The word efficient means that they use very little energy to swim.

When they swim, they do not only push their bodies forward. They also make special movements that lets them pull their bodies forward. In this way they do not use so much energy. Scientists want to copy this ability to make better boats that do not use so much energy.

They also are special because some of the jellyfish glow in the dark. This means their bodies give off light. For scientists this is very useful. In 1961 one scientist found a way to extract – or take out – the cells that grow in the dark. The scientists were able to copy this ability. They now can make other animals have this ability to give off light. It is very useful for scientists, because they can make it so part of an animal or cell they want to study gives off light. It is then easier to see and study.

In the video the scientists make fake jellyfish. In the future they want to copy the way the jellyfish swim to make fake hearts for people. It is surprising how many very intelligent scientists want to learn from an animal that has no brain!





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