Random Links from this Week: Nazi Typewriters and Homemade Supercars

The title should probably read, Random Links from this Month, as it was four weeks ago today that I last posted various links I found interesting. My schedule has created the perfect storm of important tasks and it is easy to put off publishing what very few people read. My intermittent internet service hasn’t helped.

First tab to remove: Mazda designer to build his own supercar. I admire the initiative. I don’t know where he will source a motor and chassis, but the computer renderings sure look nice. Remember, this is the guy who did the critically acclaimed Mazda concept cars a few years back. Unfortunately, computer (or hand-drawn) renderings always look nice. That’s why they do them. I have yet to read the cited links to find out more information but it’s an interesting idea. Also, more personally, it inspires me to: a. get out there and clean my garage and b. build something.

Hoarders rejoice! We have been redeemed, a Nazi teleprinter has been found in a garden shed. It is certainly worth more than its $15 price tag. Speaking of Nazi typewriters, I did not know that they had their own special writing machines: Nazi Typewriter: Sold. Because you never know when you will need to hit Alt + 3 to get the ‘SS’ runes. That typewriter is being sold by USM Rare Books which oddly enough is located in Iowa while having a .ru domain. Interesting, and possibly vaguely suspicious? I digress.

I was pleasantly surprised that I already knew about the major players mentioned in this article.  I like well done graffiti. The legality concerns me, but hey, I’m not the one doing it. Ugly graffiti is another story, however. And the idea of Chinese or Devanagari graffiti fascinates me, but I’ve never seen any – definitely not in person and not even through the power of the internet. Anyone else seen any?
The article above becomes more relevant when comparing the decision of the Hong Kong government with the decision taken by the teachers in this English school. The ‘throw-up’ shows a girl pursuing a flaming tire. Painted by the local artist Banksy, the piece came with a note telling students to feel free to the painting. While the school’s administration was more than grateful for the artwork, they did not concur with the artist’s intent to allow students to desecrate embellish continue his painting and will protect his mural. How the predators have become the prey!

African-American pioneers in motorsport: Leonard Miller and Ken Wright.



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