Simple English Sunday

Today is not Sunday. It is Monday. I did not post an article yesterday because I did not have time. Also the internet connection was not very good.

One reason I started this site was to show pictures of interesting cars. Many people who like cars also like to draw cars. I do! Here is a video about a man who is an artist, he draws cars VERY well. Please watch the video.

Steve Stanford is the artist’s name. He is from the state of Missouri, in the United States. As a child he lived in an apartment building. A man who lived on another floor was an artist, and gave him a picture he drew of a custom car. That made young Steve Stanford start drawing. He said he liked to go to the library to get magazines – not only to read, but also to draw the cars. It helped that he did not have to pay because the library doesn’t cost money.

When he was about to graduate, his mother told him he had to get a job.  He decided to joing the Air Force of the United States, a part of the military. He was assigned to a department where he did not use his art or learn a new job. He did start to customize cars – many of the other soldiers wanted their cars painted, and he knew how to paint. He was just beginning but he says this allowed him to practice.

On two different occasions two different commanders gave him special assignments because of his ability to draw and paint. He says when he served in Korea his commander gave him an area to work. Also, he did not make Stanford do the normal work a soldier had to do.

After he left the military, Stanford worked in Utah, and eventually moved to California. With every project he became a better artist, and people were starting to notice. He was mentioned in an important car magazine, and eventually began to draw cars as a job. He is now recognized as one of the best car artists of our times, if not the best.

Despite this, Stanford is known for his humility. He also shows the importance of hard work and practice. He did not go to a special school to learn to draw cars – he learned the difficult way:  practicing! So keep drawing cars!

If you want to see more of his amazing drawings, look at the links below.




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