And one of them is engine swapped, no less! And they’re rally Unimogs! What is cooler than a portal-axle equipped, engine-swapped, race-running Unimog? A second one! In all truth, only one is engine swapped and I don’t know that they ‘raced’ the rally, maybe they were more there as support vehicles. That having been said, these things ooze cool.


When I originally saw them, my jaw dropped. Back in MN, Unimogs are scarce like hen’s teeth. Never saw them. Here, I have seen more of the ‘industrial’ Mercedes: These two Moggies. I’m trying to think if I have seen others, but nothing comes to my mind. I will have to ask the owner if he knows of any other Unimogs here in Paraguay.

They are parked in a 4×4 specialty mechanic near my house, on Avenida General Santos here in Asunción. The store is called CX Offroad Equipamentos. You can find their page on facebook. Their employees were very helpful and let me take some pics of the vehicles while they were getting them ready for the rally. I forget the name of the rally but it is one of the preliminary rallies for Paris-Dakar, at least according to the fellow I talked to.

I send information about these beasts to the webmaster at Engineswapdepot, and he gave me some questions to ask the owners. I hope to go back tomorrow and find out a little more about where the donor engine came from, what other changes are there (axle, transmission, etc) and a few other details.


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