English Wheel Update

This is a brief update about my English wheel project. A very brief update, as I need to leave the house almost immediately. I continue to slowly cut and form the frame for the English wheel. I am using the metal from the old frame from a Ford/Willys Rural 4×4. I would say SUV but that term and idea had not yet been invented when this vehicle was functioning. Here is a picture of how the frame is coming together:

english wheel.jpg

All of the major cuts have been made. Now I need to grind them so they match nicely, and fabricate the lower die. I have some ideas on how to do that. One thing that has been of great help is the workbench I made. It’s nice to be able to work at waist level and not need to work squatting or crouching, especially while using an angle grinder. Comparing these photos with my last update, there’s not a huge difference, but patience is a virtue.


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