Simple English Sunday

This is a story about coffee. Many people drink coffee. I drink coffee! I like that it helps me not sleep and tastes good.

People do not know the history of coffee. They know that coffee grows in Africa, South America, and parts of Asia. But where does it come from? Some people say coffee was discovered in Ethiopia, in Africa. Other people say coffee comes from Yemen, in Arabia. The earliest written record of coffee is from Yemen. This record is from the 15th century.

One story says a religious man from Yemen was in Ethiopia. He saw the birds were very strong there, and wanted to know why. He saw them eating coffee beans. He ate the beans and felt good. There are other old stories, called legends, like this.

After this, other people started to like coffee. People in other parts of the Middle East and Africa started to drink coffee. Finally, people in Europe started drinking coffee, and then people in the Americas. Now people all over the world drink coffee. If people drink coffee, someone must plant and grow coffee. Now many farmers are dependent on growing coffee to make money.

Now almost everyone can drink coffee if they want. Now people all over the world drink a black liquid from a small bush that had its origin in Africa. Coffee has come a long way in 500 years!



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