There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity?

I present the advertising placed on the window of a Volkswagen, presumably to let potential clients know of the Mariachi service being offered. The vibe this vehicle seems to give off consists of a healthy dose of ‘there, I fixed it’ and motor oil.

Ignoring the placards in the window, it is a early 80’s to late 90’s Volkswagen. It’s really hard for me to ID these because there are several variants, and they are based on older platforms which were phased out in non-South American markets.

Missing trim and some bumps and dings. Nothing too bad from this angle. But up front it’s a different story:

I surmise that at some point in the past the driver bumped something hard enough to dent the hood and move the lights but not hard enough to break the grille? And then fixed the damage with what looks like duct tape and black spray paint. And used door latches to hold the hood down because the original latch doesn’t work anymore. And added fog lamps? Still, no problem. It’s a running vehicle. It’s the picture at the top of the article that gets me (which I repeat here so no scrolling is needed):

Mariachi Volkswagen 5

It appears that the first-graders in Miss Pavlowski’s class spent a whole 15 minutes on this sign before taking a Kool-aid break. The same handiwork appears on the other side, too. Behind the sign? Red curtains. That really completes the ensemble. It looks as though it should have signboards announcing: ‘Free Candy’. Here’s a cropped shot of the typography:

Mariachi sign

For my esteemed readers – both of you – Mariachi is not Paraguayan. South America is not Mexico. But there are a number of Mariachi outfits that provide musical accompaniment to different social gatherings here in Asunción. As for the quality of the music, I can offer no opinion, but with respect to the graphic design and presentation, I’ve seen far better.

Which is to be expected. Here, hand painted signs on buildings are still relatively common. I hope to take some more shots and present them later. So using stencils, Beetlejuice green paint, and packing tape to create two UNPARALLEL lines just doesn’t cut it! C’mon guys. IF they were parallel and on a more fit vehicle, it would at least appear to be a Army or prison-based Mariachi band. But putting uneven lines on this car? I imagine several creepy middle-age men climbing out with their musical instruments, at some point I will draw a caricature of the band exiting the car at a gig. Maybe I’m too critical.

Or maybe this is a underground rock band’s transport. Actually, having said all of the above, I change my mind. This would not be full of creepy men – it would be full of Danelectros and cheap amps and be going to tiny smoky bars. This is the most underground garage rock vehicle ever!


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