They Came from the Chaco

The Chaco is a desert-like area in the north of Paraguay. I don’t know much about it and I don’t really want to go there very badly, it’s hot and there aren’t a lot of cities. There is a rally  – the Transchaco Rally – and there are a lot of Mennonite farms. Oh and four wheel drives, cause the people that live there need them. Here are two I saw on the street.

One of the things I like here is that I actually get to see Land Rovers – classic Land Rovers and newer ones as well. As in people actually drive them for their intended purpose. Not just to go to Starbucks – and I don’t disapprove of that, one does not need a purpose built 4×4 to go to a strip mall. cc: Almost all G-Wagen owners in the United States.

These are just some quick pics – the only reason I got to see these beauties is that the bus I was using had changed its routine, and as it went further and further from my destination, I dumbly sat there and assumed it was a detour, not a permanent change. When I got off the bus, I was late and far away from where I needed to be. But I got to take these pictures. The men standing beside them told me the owner(s) had driven down from the Chaco. Given the amount of red dirt, it makes sense.

Land Rover from Chaco White

Yes. That’s my finger. I am truly the Anti-Ansel Adams of automotive photography. In any case, living here drives me crazy sometimes. But then I get to see things like this, and I remember that there is a positive side as well. Maybe I’ll even go back for more pics. I will definitely go to the Land Rover garage. Stay tuned.


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