Simple English Sunday

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What is barbecue?

What is barbecue? Barbecue is a special type of food from the United States. It is meat that is cooked over a fire. Why is it special? People from many different countries make food in that way. This meat is special because it is cooked a long time at a low temperature. When the cook makes the meat that way, it is softer.

Also, the people who make barbecue use special types of sauce. A sauce is a liquid to make food taste better. Each different part of the south of the United States has its own different special sauce. Some are sweet, and some are bitter, like vinegar. The meat is normally from a cow or a pig.

Where does barbecue come from? The word barbecue comes from a Spanish word that the Native Americans used to say how they cooked food over a fire. Later, slaves – African Americans who were not paid to work and did not have rights – started to cook the meat how we do and add the sauces we use today. They may have cooked this way because they did not have the good meat from the cow, only the bad meat. When they cooked this way it tasted better.

Barbecue has changed a lot over the years, but one thing is true: it tastes very good!



The Connection Between African Americans And History Of Barbeque


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