Pinterest Recipes I Can Vouch for!

The problem with Pinterest is that besides being incredibly addictive and time wasting, it provides so many ideas that one can go into overload and do nothing. My recipe folder on Pinterest continues to grow, although not exponentially. More of a linear progression. But I digress.

The list keeps growing, and I don’t cook. But my wife loves to cook, so when she feels the urge to make something new, she looks on our Pinterest board. She made this chicken coconut curry, in fact, she has now made it three times – once obeying the instructions and using the crock pot, and the second and third times without using the crock pot. It is delicious. I would like the sauce to have a little more flavor, and I don’t know what ingredient to add or add more of to achieve that. If you have experience with these things please let me know.

But, all complaints aside, this is a great recipe. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare if you don’t use the crock pot, and it feeds us probably for two days (dinners only).


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