Homemade Tablesaws

The description ‘homemade’ may not be the correct adjective for these tablesaws. The fact is that someone had to have welded up the frame – or have made it out of wood – aligned the bearings, put in the motor, etc, and perhaps this is the sort of thing from a cottage industry. Not alot of room for error, and everyone at the jobsite looked to have all his fingers. Interesting ideas, and I plan to do something similar pretty soon.

Right now I will post one tablesaw, and post the others later. When I went to ask the guy for permission to take picture, he looked really scared at first, but when I told him I wanted, he became significantly more relaxed. No kickback protection, no topguard, no fence, but it is a saw on a table, and thus a tablesaw. And that’s a pretty goodsized motor.

I wouldn’t like to try to do any precision joinery on that top surface, as I don’t think those boards are even held down, and they are very uneven. Even so, for what these carpenters/cement workers need, it fits the bill. I think they were cutting wood to make molds for reinforced concrete.

For the one I want to make, I will probably just go the cheap-circular-saw-upside-down-under-the-table route as I don’t need to cut anything really big. But I don’t know how to do that and make it relatively easy to make angled cuts/mitres. I’ll keep looking for ideas.

In my earlier post, There I Fixed It, I uploaded a picture of a Ford truck with the grille and front clip held on with a bungie cord. Here’s what was in back:Photo0663

It’s a  – you guessed it – homemade table saw on its side.  I like the splayed legs that give it a wide base, so it isn’t tippy. Maybe it’s a repurposed table? Not so crazy about the wiring. Still looks like there isn’t any way to adjust the blade for height or angle, but this looks like a tool that could last several generations – and possibly rob some people of their fingers.


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