Where the Alfas Go to Live

I wanted to give this a clever title, a play on the mythical ‘elephant graveyard’. But at the moment, ‘Alaphent Graveyard’ just sounds like a band name, not where the Alfa Romeos go to die, or possibly live.

I found this mechanic’s shop close to my students’ house. While walking by, I noticed that in the back there was a collection of old red cars. Looking more closely, I saw they were old Alfa Romeos. Possibly someone can tell me more about what models are represented here. When I went the first time, I didn’t take pictures. I should have, it would have been easier, as the twin-cam motor was out in the open.

At some point I will edit my finger out of the photo below. The twin-cam motor is under the bodyshell in the lower photo, you can see it in the lower margin. Although alot of vehicles here are absolutely filled to the brim with Bondo, it looks like the chapista who is doing the bodywork here is at least making a noble effort against that trend. Again, no major beef with Bondo here, it is extremely useful when used properly, but here that is not that common. Some shots of the cars below:

It was already dusk when I got there and I was in a hurry, so the photo quality isn’t great, but one can get an idea of what’s going on here. The mechanic’s name was Segovia, and he wasn’t particularly interested in talking shop, but if anyone has any questions I can always go back.

Bonus: in front, you can see the anti-Alfa. A Lada, complete with Metal Mulisha sticker on the side. I took the shots above before going to my students to tutor, this photo I got as I walked home. As for me, I would be happy with any one of these cars.

On the background behind the Lada, you can see an ad for Tigo, which is our internet and cell phone provider. I hate them. White Lada


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