Toshiba is Japanese for ‘Bad Computer’

And other random thoughts. Actually, other links, along with thoughts.

In order to clear up my computer’s cluttered screen, full of tabs of different websites, I want to close and save some. Evidently it’s not my computer’s fault that having more than 100 tabs open at the same time will slow it down? I used to have a HP and don’t remember this being a problem. Also, on my HP the ‘question mark’ key worked, and I didn’t have to use the ASCII code. It’s Alt + 63. Now you have the same workaround I do!

Update: Several hours after posting these links, I came across this tidbit about Toshiba. Evidently I’m not the only one who has problems with their way of doing things. Personally, I would actually feel safer knowing that the Soviet Union Russia was using Toshiba products – their first strike capacity would be greatly diminished.

Peruse and enjoy:

Maritime Archaeology – a job that would be great to talk about at parties. Also would look good on a resume. Found the link coming from here, which could certainly inspire a novel or short story.

Quick! Name an auto/industrial designer who has received an honorary degree and accolades. And has designed vehicles for two continents. And has designed a truck – at least the handsome cab (no, not the horsedrawn vehicle, it’s just good looking). And a popular bicycle. And – this is where it gets weird – a poorly spelled children’s book? This guy, who deserves a little more recognition, wikipedia. Karen is probably best known for the three wheel Bond Bug.

Another guy who did some pretty cool things and is now sort-of forgotten.

So your gold mine is separated from the assayer’s office by a mountain? No Problem! Evidently I found this a while ago, as it was in my bookmarks folder which I am cleaning out. Need to read a little more of this blog, as it looked interesting when I re-found it. The article certainly made me think of this guy, who had a movie based on his life, and whose purpose in digging was slightly more noble. Bollywood, you gotta love it.

Love this car.

I must ask my lovely wife to make this: Halal Guys Chicken and Rice. I actually have a Pinterest board that has all of the recipes I want to try, we are slowly working our way through but the board keeps growing. I’m a very fortunate man, as though although I hate cooking, my wife genuinely enjoys cooking. Trying to be enlightened, I tell her that, quite honestly, I don’t mind beans and rice every day as it is very tasty and healthy, but who am I to force her NOT to cook?




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