But I Don’t Want to Write a Blog Post, Pt II

I didn’t want to write a blog post today. I’ve been on the colectivo too long, and I’ve walked a fair amount too.  I did buy a new pair of shoes, but that’s a story for a different day. After getting home, deciding not to write a post, and showering, I received a email that was surprising: comment awaiting moderation! What?

Someone actually read this and took the time to respond. So this one’s for you, Vincent Singer. And it makes sense to include another Maverick. One that entered and left my life in a heartbeat. If I didn’t have my camera, I wouldn’t have been able to give proof that this rare beast existed.


While my wife was driving on what can be seen to be a busy road – one of the main thoroughfares between Asunción and San Lorenzo – this vehicle caught my eye. I urged my wife to get close enough so I could take pictures. Traffic did not comply, as the two lanes alternated and we could never synchronize with this vehicle. I present the photographs in reverse order of how I took them. Above shows a green Ford Maverick. It has been modified, as it appears to have a third headlamp (?) in the grille, and has been trim-deleted. But pretty run of the mill, unless you look closely. What is that hump on the back?


Hint: It’s not the magnetohydraulic caterpillar drive system. What was once a fastback changes into a cab, which then gives way to vaguely Jaguaresque butresses. Comparing a Ford Maverick pickup to a Jaguar may be heresy to some, but look for yourself: Jaguar XJS from someone who takes way better pictures than I do.

And then it was gone. The above shots show how the back ended up. I don’t know what the back section is from, the taillights and tailgate are very well integrated, which leads me to believe that it is a ‘cut and paste’ job. Or maybe not. It sure looks like there is alot of Bondo on those side shots. I honestly don’t know what to think other than be thankful I had my camera phone. You know that saying about ‘the best camera being the one you have.’ So thanks, $30.oo Target HTC which can’t run more than three programs.

The weirdest thing? I can’t choose, as there are two. First off, that I actually like it! It’s not the Jaguar above, but, it’s not horrible looking, and the bed actually looks usable. With the roof rack and the tailgate open you might actually be able to haul things. The integration between the two halves isn’t Pininfarina, as can be seen from the second and third photos, but in the third photo I actually like how the waist of the car carries up into where the bed begins. It’s like it’s saying, different purpose, same vehicle. Or maybe that’s my inner architect trying to draw a parti diagram.

Second weird thing? This isn’t the only El Maverickarino in Asunción. That’s right, there’s at least TWO. And the other one has a Confederate flag painted on the side, Dukes of Hazzard style. I’ll try to get pictures.


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