Simple English Sunday

Do you want to learn English? This is created so people learning English can practice.

Frogs feed their babies!

Watch this video. It shows frogs. Frogs are small animals. Many people do not think frogs are intelligent. Other people say frogs are ugly. These frogs are special. They are different from other frogs.

Frog babies are called tadpoles. When frog babies are born, they are tiny eggs.  When the eggs develop, they change. The baby frogs look like little fish. But they are not fish. In the video, the parent frog takes the baby frog to the water. The baby is on the parent’s back.

As the tadpoles develop they change. Soon they look like little frogs. After some time, they come out of the water to live as frogs.

Most frogs put their eggs in the water and go away. The video says these frogs are different. These frogs do put their babies in the water, but they help their babies. The mother gives food to the baby frog. When the tadpole is hungry, he dances so that the mother knows. Then she gives him food. The father comes with the mother and makes noises to help her.

Maybe frogs are more intelligent than people say! And these frogs are beautiful. They look like little jewels.




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