Well Conceived Buggy

After yesterday’s post about the Ariel Atom-style buggy (go-kart? vernacular transportation?) I thought I’d post another photo of a buggy type vehicle in Asunción. This one is on a used car lot, and I know a guy who works there, so I can go back and take better pictures, as I should, because these pictures are garbage. Sorry.

Actually the featured image above isn’t so bad. This is just your standard descendant of the VW sandrails and buggies. Was the chassis fabricated or is it some sort of factory made universal chassis? I don’t know. I like the little kick-up at the front to make climbing over obstacles easier. Also, +1 on the headlight and shock tower integration, the headlights have to be visible, and you might as well put them in front of the shock towers so those aren’t just sticking up and ruining the lines on the front of the car. If I make a car like this, I will use that trick. And on this car, the utilitarian mudguards are more appropriate. The engine is from a Maruti. The frame looks like it could use a little more triangulation, but hey, it also doesn’t look like it has seatbelts. Fixable problems.


Weirdly, the tires appear to match, and have tread, which is weird here. Maybe because it is on a lot? The gas can protection looks adequate for non racing use – I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong. If anyone ever reads this, which would you rather have, this or the Ariel Atom look alike I mentioned yesterday?



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