Homemade Ariel Atom-style Car

So as though I was trying to give evidence of my lack of photography skills, I present these photographs taken today. Wow! I am bad with a camera. But they do give the idea. 20160512_075541

It is certainly an odd duck. The exo-skeleton chassis and canary yellow color certainly call for attention. It looks like someone really put some time and a fair bit of thought into this car. I didn’t look very closely at the welds and joints but from 6 feet away it looks pretty decent. The fact that someone put some time into this bothers me. Why? I want to know why they did so much work on the exo-skeleton and then basically gave up when they had to do the air intakes and mudguards. It’s just sheet metal welded up. That’s not bad in and of itself, but c’mon: this isn’t a utilitarian vehicle. Maybe I will do a drawing of how I would like this car to be finished and post it here. Maybe. My drawing skills are rusty. Not as bad as my photography skills, but, not great.

Suspension: double wishbone in front, McPherson strut in the rear. The motor looks like a one-point-something unit out of a front-wheel-drive Volkswagen, I’m guessing Gol series.

I took a shot of the shop in the background, it is a machinist’s shop, and when I asked to take photos of the car, they were very pleasant. I’d like to back after lunch sometime with some cheap alfajores as bribes to get more information about the car, and possibly a little more knowledge on how to use machine tools.

I also took a shot of the very weird spoiler which sort of sprouts at the back of the car. It looks like it had a life before on the decklid of another vehicle, and here it is as some sort of counter hood ornament. It brings me back to what I said earlier: why? On this car, a spoiler (especially a fake spoiler) just ruins the lines of the car.

End of the day, it looks like a fun ride, IF it is street legal. Not that it matters here. Oh and it needs some sort of top. But cool car. Any questions, let me know, if I recieve a question before I go back, I will ask the owner.
Homemade Ariel Atom-style Car



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