English Wheel Update

Also, this is why I can’t have nice things. In any case, what was once constituted part of the chassis of a Willys Rural is slowly starting to appear more like the frame of an English wheel. Please refer to my earlier post to see an earlier step in this project.20160511_170459

If you can see a ghosted out kitten investigating the metal, that is because I tried the panorama function on my cell phone. We recently rescued three kittens from the street where they were abandoned to die. They are repaying us by showing us love and pooping everywhere. Also note my feet with my ‘work sandals’. Another, non-panoramic shot:20160511_170239

This photo is of much lower quality than the other, but you can see Dui investigating my metalworking ability. Perhaps he was not pleased, and it is probably for that reason that less than an hour later he urinated in the house. #this is why I can’t have nice things



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