There, I Fixed It

I am learning to weld. I haven’t practiced for a while because I don’t have easy access to a welder now. At some point I hope to buy one soon. But it’s nice to know that other people are still getting the hang of it:

And while I am showing photos of interesting repair jobs, here is an older Ford which is definitely built ‘Ford Tough’:Photo0664

I’ve seen the next type of repair in the states, too. Please forgive the picture quality, I was in a hurry and my cell phone camera leaves a lot to be desired. Also, user error.

It was a cyclopean Ford Ka. The funky triangular headlights are probably a headache to get down here, so the owner kitbashed in a round headlight. File under: jugaad solutions.

The next vehicle proves there is nothing a thick coat of Bondo can’t fix.

Or you can just take off the fender entirely, they are overrated anyway. As are doors:

All they need is a donor car for the rear clip, rear windscreen, trunk lid, and rear bumper. Or you can just drive it as is, and pretend that it is a ‘ute.Photo0488


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