The Car of the Future – Today!

This beauty – the Paraguayan Back to the Future car, if you will – materialized on my street one day. The owner was working on the house in the background, and he was more than happy to let me take photos of his car. I probably could have asked him some questions, but I didn’t for some reason.

The man was a mason (profession, not cult), and it appears that his modification skills, while not fantastic, allowed him at least to create a functioning custom car. It’s got a number of modifications, some of them very clever, and some of them, well, you be the judge. Let’s start up front:

Maybe this was a Toyota Celica in a former life? I think the fishmouth-like opening on the valance isn’t bad looking. I’ve certainly seen worse from factory designs. Along with the the second set of lights – the round ones, I think it conjures up a Datsun 280Z vibe.

And the headlights, while not the highest quality of fabrication, deserve credit for using what’s at hand: I think that is PVC pipe painted black. Cheap, plentiful, and easy to work with. The owner said it was ‘el auto del futuro‘, and they help him on his way to that goal. In the back things get even more interesting:


There is alot going on here, kind of like the Death Star props in Star Wars where they glued a whole bunch of sprues and random model parts to the modules to make them have som visual texture. To me, it’s not all bad. It doesn’t really combine with the front.

Let’s start with the good: It has been converted into a shooting brake, I assume. I didn’t look inside but I think that is all open space. And the round taillights are a inspired choice, the white lights would be illegal in the U.S. but here, no problem.

The Ferrari Testarossa-style strakes and the Bendera Ford air tubes are another story in my opinion, but they could work if it weren’t for the worst offender.  The enormous spoiler/roll bar completely destroys whatever lines the creator was going for, and the kick-up at the end of the cabin is incongruous. And the rear windscreen looks like a TV set.

But, hey, he’s driving and I’m talking. It’s always easier to criticize other people’s work. Good work!



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