Dipping into the Photo Archives

I actually don’t have archives, per se, I just have random files of photos on my computer. I want to post some photos of vehicles, like the one above. However, very few are tagged or have meaningful names. What is more, the photos are spread out over two computers, only one of which is in my possession now, and at least four cell phones, of which I currently own three – one to talk (the new one), one to play chess on the colectivo (so it can be stolen), and one which has all my contacts. So it will take some time to put a definitive photographic register of my experiences here.


This is an older Peugeot truck. The Peugeot brand suffered horribly in the United States, to the point where their products are no longer offered on the North American market. If memory serves – and I use the phrase loosely as it happened when I was like five years old – I recall that they – along with other French manufacturers – suffered some quality control problems which absolutely destroyed the brand’s reputation.

These trucks are moving proof of why that is a bad thing. I would so love to have a truck like this available in the United States. It is based on the Peugeot 504 sedan. Essentially the designers did what many end-users do: cut the back two seats out and put in a bed. According to Wikipedia they have long travel suspension and have been described as ‘the king of the African road’. I have no experience with that, but as this picture attests, they can take alot of damage and still keep kind-of functioning.

If they were ever ‘king of the South American road’, it seems their days are numbered as a mechanic told me that parts are getting sparse. I don’t know if that’s true but I think it’s a sad thing, I can’t for the life of me figure out why no one sells anything like this in the U.S. – a good looking, economical ute/truck based on a proven platform, for which parts were originally plentiful.

Can’t say I agree with the current owner’s method of ‘fixing’ his vehicle though.

And if you don’t have a Peugeot 504 truck? Or any truck? But you do have a coupe? Well you get a Sawzall and start crackin’. This is an older Ford coupe – Granada, maybe – that was converted into a basic truck. It looks like they added the back part of a topper to make a basic extended cab pickup, as I don’t think that is the original roofline. And I’m almost positive that it is not the original paintjob 🙂

Or it may be the Ford version of the mini-truck which someone converted into an extended cab, but either way, I don’t think that is the way the roof originally looked. As I take a closer look at my pics, I think my second guess is right because the tailgate looks like a factory addition, even so, it is an interesting project. Update: A cursory search of that bastion of knowledge, Wikipedia, has confirmed my second guess, go here for pics to confirm.

And if you have a 4×4 but want a truck? Again, start cutting. This guy let me take some pictures of his truck near Republica Argentina on the way to Shopping del Sol mall. I think. As I said, these are ‘archival’ photos, i.e. from a long time ago.

Nothing fancy, after cutting off the top from the B-pillar back, they started welding. It’s not pretty, not Wray Schelin style metalwork, but if you’re halling cement, do you really need ‘pretty’? On the third pic, you can see the back of the cab, with a strategically placed piece of OSB to control airflow, and on the fourth pic you can see a detail of what was the C-pillar, I think, slathered with Bondo. I don’t remember very well, I wish I had taken another pic, but I like what I think he did with the bed – put in a strong, absolutely flat piece of metal. Or maybe I am not remembering well.

In the first pic, his termo – or thermos – for water for obligatory tereré is visible. It’s a herbal drink that everyone here drinks. I mean EVERYONE! It is the only thing that cuts the heat. Frankly, it’s like a thousand times better than Gatorade, although I don’t know if it ‘replenishes electrolytes’. It is so ubiquitous that I have almost no photos of it, because as soon as you step off the gross-porter in Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, you see people drinking it. Note to self: add picture later.


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