Two Random Vehicles

Toyota Truck Work in Progress

This formerly white (I think) Toyota truck was in front of the popsicle store. Yes, popsicle store, Mexican style popsicles, called paletas which are awesome. We visit the girl that works there. I saw this truck and took some pictures.

Normally I don’t like Toyota trucks very much but with respect to this one, you can’t say that it’s not aggressive. This is not your plain vanilla Toyota. Also, if you’re from the states you’ll note that it’s a crew cab. I didn’t check if it was a diesel, but you can get crew cab diesel compact trucks here. Awesome.

Personally, I actually like the body kit and the snorkel here (in Paraguay) is more of a necessity than just a look at me I’m cool accessory. All in all cool truck. The lack of paint job in this case is not unappealing. File under: remember someday, when I have a truck.

White Land Rover at Gas Station

This formerly all white Land Rover was at a gas station. It looks like it has seen some heavy wear and tear, I didn’t get to talk to the owner. The doors don’t look like they align anymore, I imagine that has to do with the quality (or lack thereof) of roads here. These roads bend chassis, I have the photos to prove it.

Interesting modification that you can just barely see: It has three abreast seating in the front thanks to an added bucket seat in the middle. Sort of like Mclaren seating reversed, as I think it is a little recessed.

Again, I didn’t talk to the owner but I would bet that whatever engine this had is long gone, and has been replaced with a Toyota or Nissan diesel.


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